Bob Roberds is a guy who lives in Cary, NC and works in Raleigh. When not working, he spends most of his time sleeping for a couple of hours, getting up, and working again.  In between there's always a chance to fit in some work, and maybe a little overtime too.
He also works on Soap on a Rope whenever possible.
Bob is 43 years old and married to the most wonderful woman in the world, who apparently mistook him for somebody else.  So MUM'S THE WORD when she's around, OK?  
No, he's just a regular fellow who gets paid about half what a grocery store bagger makes, despite having an I.Q. of 6000 and all sorts of nifty degrees from The Johns Hopkins University and whatnot.  He's no longer sane, and hasn't been for quite a while, but if he were sane, cartooning would help keep him that way.
Oh, Bob has few delusions.  There's little doubt that some asocial, malodorous geek, who last spoke to a female human being during the Ford Administration, will eventually single out Soap on a Rope for some "Worst of Web" honors.  It's to be expected; creativity is to be stifled in this day and age.  Why waste energy producing something when you can gain notoriety through the simple expedient of tearing others down? It's a no-brainer.   Hip cynicism is the only thing that counts. But Bob don't play that.  He'd rather write a comic strip which, in his humble opinion, is funny, than dedicate his energy to negativism.  Hip cynicism is best left to the clove-smoking, deodorant-foregoing latte crowd...the folks who barely made their way through college despite the fact that their undemanding majors required only 15 minutes of studying a week.  On the other hand, we productive members of the human species would prefer to build than to destroy.  Call us crazy. But you doesn't have to call us "Johnson".
Well, enough of that.  Time to tackle some questions. People frequently ask Bob things like, "Where's the bathroom?" and "Is this 493-4873?  No?  I must have the wrong number," and "Could you stop talking to me now?  I'm fantasizing about Jimmy Smits."  Afraid he doesn't have the answers just yet, but he'll post them in a FAQ just as soon as he finds them. Meanwhile, he hopes you enjoy Soap on a Rope.
Here's a picture of Bob (don't look directly at it):