I suppose you're all wondering why they're having a family meeting.  Well, they just are.  So shut up and get back to work! 
Is it me, or does this girl not look particularly wild?  At any rate, thangs go out to Dave Wright of Todd and Penguin, which you already read.  

Here Max is riding the bus.  Why?  Because he's misplaced his car in the mall parking lot and hasn't had time yet to go buy a new one.

Stu's manning a telethon booth just like he did last year.  In fact, I don't think he ever went home. Talk about dumb^H^H^H^Hdedicated!  Bigtime greets to Burke, creator of the always-terrific Grimbles.

If you weren't already so deeply disturbed, you'd be deeply disturbed by this fan art BoxJam did.  But you are, so you're not.

Here's Stu manning a telethon booth.  Before you lose faith: Rest assured that he was tricked into this gig.  He's never do such a thing intentionally.

What would a Max Slacker Kirby look like?  He'd look like this.  I mean, DUH!  What kinda stupid question is that?

Here's Max making an appearance in Burnt Dog Radio.  I think he pulls it off quite well.  But that's really none of our business.  Also, here he is again.

When one builds a bloodthirsty kill-bot, it's almost certainly a good idea to make it look like this.  
And you know what?  You should probably make it look like this even if it isn't a good idea.

Face it:  If you looked like this guy, you'd get beat up a lot too.  It's just that simple.

Max made an appearance in Dylan not long ago, and he was naked.  And that's nothing to be ashamed of. Hell, everybody's naked once in a while; even Golda Meir stripped down to the buff from time to time.  Get over it!

Once again, Max meets God.  And this time, Max has his pants on!  He's making definite progress; you gotta give him that.  Plus, he finally has ear holes.

Burnt Dog Radio's Robb Tanner created this nifty-ass comic cover.  Cool, huh?  Look at all them folks! And just where can you get this nifty-ass comic?  You'll all just have to wait and see...Please take a seat in the waiting room and make yourself comfortable.

KodiaK, of Flail fame, tells me he came up with the idea for this drawing of Bizarro-Annie while he was brushing his teeth. Man!  All I can say is you people who own toothbrushes sure are nutty!

Trust me.  You'll get a kick out of Thomas K. Dye's Newshounds. And just who is that at Denny's?  Well, it might be Stu, but really it could be anyone.  After all, everybody loves Denny's!

Dig this!  John Myers of  The Mr. Chuck Show drew this too-cool picture of Circe.  And I'm pretty sure those aren't real.
Her eyes.  I mean her eyes.  She's wearing blue contacts. What the hell did you think I was talking about???
PS: Olive Oyl wants her shoes back!

Check out BoxJam's take on Soap on a Rope (not to mention two other, far more popular strips).   He did all the artwork himself...or did he?  Only his hairdresser knows for sure, and the hairdresser ain't talking.   Which is a shame, as there's nothing sadder than a deafmute hairdresser.

Max Slacker and a Cast O'Thousands appeared in this way cool  Newshounds cartoon in 1999.  And don't worry: no cats were harmed in the creation of this cartoon.
PS: Alf is from Melmac.

Having decided that their own insane selves weren't enough, the cast of the hilarious Mr. Chuck Show held auditions for new members.   They searched the globe, looking for the best members available.  Max's member was not chosen, however.  Which is probably best for everyone involved.
OK. A fan didn't draw this; I did. But I still think it's kinda cool, and I needed to make this page look a little less pathetically thin.  If I got more fan art (hint hint) I wouldn't have to put my own stuff on my fan art page.